Refining & Crude Oil
MCC Holding and through its companies and partners is in the business of crude oil and refining.

Shipping and Chartering
MCC Holding charters oil tankers both for clean products as well as for fuel oil during the year. A significant fleet of vessels are on long term time charter besides the vessels that are chartered on spot voyage basis.

We provide warehousing, tank-storage and seaworthy export packing services in the oil and gas field. Our wide network of professionals and contacts in this field enable us to provide a complete array of storage services for oil and gas.

MCC Finance is a sub-department of MCC HOLDING with an integrated group of highly experienced professionals with deep expertise in energy financing. We are experienced in all types of energy- and trade finance.

We are uniquely positioned to handle all Countertrade- and Barter deals. Our Team will negotiate transactions from start to finish with all the aspects of trading, shipping, storage, and Financing.

Our business model spans everything from refining to trading. MCC Holding has a diverse integrated portfolio balanced across resource types, geographies, (energy, gas) businesses, and adaptable to prevailing conditions.


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