Letter of Interest


Genève, 01 January 2013

Chairman Managing Director

To : MCC Holding S.A.
Legal Address: Via Cappelletta
6927 Agra

Operative Address: Rue Dur Rhone,14
1204 – Genève

Sub.. : Letter of Interest for funding of XXX XXXX USA Dollars from MCC Holding S.A, with registration number: CH-514.3.027.168-1 via MCC Investment & Leasing Co Ltd (Singapore), managed by MCC Investment SA, boulevard James-Fazy 4, 1201 Genève, (Switzerland) with registration number: CH-660-2572007-7; from consortium of banks for setting up Projects in the State of XXXXXXXXXXXXX by wire transfer MT103.

Dear Mrs Pozzi Pedullà, Marina, da Lugano, in Lugano, President of MCC Holding S.A and Mr. Blanc Charles, President of MCC Capital Holding SA S.A,
On behalf of XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, I(Mr.. XXXX, XXXX XXXX National with passport number – ZXXXXXX) am writing to express our in-principal interest in the prospective opportunity of seeking funding for the above captioned project, which includes development of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

The Banking information is Annexed with this letter inside the Client Information Sheet (CIS). Please be advised that this Letter of Interest is not binding upon either party and that our decision to proceed with our efforts to actively pursue funding shall be subject to satisfactory evaluation of the Government Sanction of the Project and after due signing of the agreement the fund will be activated for use.

We look forward to working together with you for the greater benefit and the further development of my company

Yours truly,
President , CEO


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