Escrow Services

MC Capital Holding SA is also a provider of Escrow services. Escrow is a service that provides a means of security in the handling of important property, funds, and documents. An escrow holder works with the Buyers, Sellers, Lenders and Borrowers (“the principals”) involved in a transaction to assure funds and documents change hands at the appropriate point in time, after preset conditions have been met.

After the principals agree upon an escrow holder, the group must provide the holder with a set of written instructions, mutually agreed upon by all parties. The escrow holder then holds onto all important documents and funds until the written conditions are met for dispersal of these items. When all contingencies of the escrow instructions have been met or achieved, the escrow will be closed. This removes the risk of a party either taking payment without providing a service or goods, or the risk of a provider not being paid for their service.

If conditions of the escrow contract cannot be met , the funds held will not be disbursed to the seller and can be given back to the buying party. If there is a disagreement as to whether contract conditions have been fulfilled, an arbitration service must judge the contract according to the contract to determine who the funds belong to.

Our escrow fees are normally based on the size, complexity, liability assumed and the cost of producing the service. It may be necessary to charge additional fees for extra or unusual services performed during the course of your escrow. Upon request, your escrow officer will be able to provide you with an estimate of our costs as well as those costs charged by others, provided such information is available.


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