Fraud Alert


MCC OIL AND GAS hereby uses this medium to inform and warn the general public as well as our domestic and foreign buyers against any transactions with unauthorized market impostors and fake representatives company trading with our company name, documents, fax and logo, with forge fictitious export proposals for petroleum products sales on the Internet websites and through electronic-mails claiming to be acting on behalf of MCC OIL AND GAS.

MCC OIL AND GAS do not have any legitimate business relations and agreement with these fake impostors and MCC OIL AND GAS does not offer guarantees of sales and delivery of our petroleum products through the fake impostors, unauthorized traders and unapproved representatives companies. MCC OIL AND GAS will take legal action through the court of law in order to stop and terminate the false and fraudulent activities by any unauthorized market impostors damaging our company reputation.

MCC OIL AND GAS officially and legally buys and resells petrochemical products through our affiliate company sales and import/export department boldly written on the contact page of our official website (, which bypasses any intermediaries when concluding contracts. The legitimate and official information about import/export and buy & sales of petroleum products of MCC OIL AND GAS should be directly send to our email ( for legitimate transaction with our company.

Offers received on the internet with the below following information website and emails should be consider as fake and not genuine.

MCC OIL AND GAS will not be responsible towards any risk related to the use of any information places on the mentioned websites. We hereby inform and warn the general public to report directly in case you receive any commercial proposal or documents relating to MCC OIL AND GAS to our informational department through our official email address (


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