Fraud Alert


MCC OIL AND GAS hereby uses this medium to inform and warn the general public as well as our domestic and foreign buyers against any transactions with unauthorized market impostors and fake representatives company trading with our company name, documents, fax and logo, with forge fictitious export proposals for petroleum products sales on the Internet websites and through electronic-mails claiming to be acting on behalf of MCC OIL AND GAS.

MCC OIL AND GAS do not have any legitimate business relations and agreement with these fake impostors and MCC OIL AND GAS does not offer guarantees of sales and delivery of our petroleum products through the fake impostors, unauthorized traders and unapproved representatives companies. MCC OIL AND GAS will take legal action through the court of law in order to stop and terminate the false and fraudulent activities by any unauthorized market impostors damaging our company reputation.

MCC OIL AND GAS officially and legally buys and resells petrochemical products through our affiliate company sales and import/export department boldly written on the contact page of our official website (, which bypasses any intermediaries when concluding contracts. The legitimate and official information about import/export and buy & sales of petroleum products of MCC OIL AND GAS should be directly send to our email ( for legitimate transaction with our company.

Offers received on the internet with the below following information website and emails should be consider as fake and not genuine.

MCC OIL AND GAS will not be responsible towards any risk related to the use of any information places on the mentioned websites. We hereby inform and warn the general public to report directly in case you receive any commercial proposal or documents relating to MCC OIL AND GAS to our informational department through our official email address (

Fraud Alert

From: “Ing. Luigi Forino” <>
Date: Tuesday, 8 October 2019 at 10:36
To: <>
Subject: FW: Contractual agreement for Media Placement


Dear Sirs

I got this email from a person that act as your agent and I even don’t know

Threaten me to pay some considerable amount of money or he will post bad news on me on your website.

I will report this to the police here in France-  that clear your activity is illegal.

This email has a professional tracking system so even of you don’t answer I know that you got it, where and how many times you have ready it.


Enjoy your “strange” business



From: Casey Imafidon <>
Date: Tuesday, 8 October 2019 at 10:13
To: “Ing. Luigi Forino” <>
Subject: Re: Contractual agreement for Media Placement


Hello Luigi,


We are asking  you to pay 5500$ or I will be putting your company’s name on so other clients can see you as a big fraudster as we are able to destroy everybody image as my mandate as legal agent for RipOff report company

Allow me to do that!!

I will send you a link once i am done. In the future you will need to pay a reputation management firm money to get you out of that.




And after as a coincidence

I got this:



From: Ripoff Report Legal Department <>
Date: Tuesday, 8 October 2019 at 22:09
To: “‘‘” <>, “Ing. Luigi Forino” <>
Cc: Ripoff Report Legal Department <>
Subject: FW: Contractual agreement for Media Placement


Dear Mr. Forino,


You communication sent to below has been forwarded on to this Legal Department for further review and evaluation.  Please direct any and all further communications directly to this Legal Department (


Sir, we don’t know who “Casey Imafidon” at is but we can assure you that this person is not anyone employed by or otherwise known to be associated with Ripoff Report, legal or otherwise. 


The website is operated out of the state of Arizona, in the United States, and no where else.  There are a lot of red flags with the email you were sent that should be leading you to ask yourself if this “Casey” person is even telling you the truth in the first place:

  1. The communication is written in broken English.  We have no one in our employ, or association, that would write in broken English.
  2. The communication suggests that they are a “legal agent.”  Sir, no one here uses that kind of terminology and it’s not customary in English to refer to oneself as that in the legal field.
  3. The communication lists the name of the business as “RipOff report.”  That is not how we write our business name.
  4. The communication you received is from a gmail account, and not a domain address (which is what our actual representatives use).  This is, of course, to assume that such communication from the domain is not a spoofed email, as such technology exists and can happen.


Simply put, we don’t know who you are.  We don’t know who this “Casey” person is.  The communication you received below from “Casey” was not initiateed or otherwise done with any connection to Ripoff Report.  We do not appreciate this “Casey” person falsely asserting some kind of connection to our business and website, let alone to try and use our business name in the disingenuous manner he/she has.


While we cannot give you legal advice, you are encouraged to contact your local legal authorities about the communication you received from this “Casey” person.  It’s clear that you are receving questionable/dishonest communications from “Casey.”


We trust that this communication adequately addresses your concerns and now consider this matter closed.




Ripoff Report Legal Department

Xcentric Ventures, LLC


Mailing Address for Legal Department:

3120 W. Carefree Highway, Suite 1-534

Phoenix, Arizona 85086


General Mailing Address:

Post Office Box 310

Tempe, Arizona 85280


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Are you looking for a lawyer or law firm to help you with your matter?  Consider the Ripoff Report Legal Directory for a directory of attorneys and/or law firms who may be in your area and able to assist you.  *Ripoff Report, nor its operating entity, does not necessarily endorse or sponsor any of the attorneys and/or law firms who advertise in the Ripoff Report Legal Directory.  Further, Ripoff Report nor its operating entity, assumes no responsibility or liability for any statements, claims or endorsements made within the ad placed within the Ripoff Report Legal Directory or on any webpage that may be linked from the advertising attorney’s / firm’s ad placed within the Ripoff Report Legal Directory.




And immediately after I got this:



From: Casey Imafidon <>
Date: Tuesday, 8 October 2019 at 22:20
To: “Ing. Luigi Forino” <>
Subject: Re: Contractual agreement for Media Placement


At least should handle your SEO when people google your name on.








Dear Partner

Be aware of this RIPOFFREPORT is only a FRAUD Web Organization intend to DEFRAUD people asking money to avoid them to publish

Fake defamations that as you know will fastly spread all around the internet by GOOGLE SEO technology.


We trust people intelligence to filter and trash automatically such stupidities with no further attentions.


Cordially, yours, 

Dr. Ing. L. Forino


( Member of Sovereign Military Order of Malta )

…Semper Paratus (Latin: “Always Ready”)


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Best Regards

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